Banking & Finance

Advanced Finacial Management


N4,100.00 Ex Tax: N4,100.00

Bank Management & Financial Services

"Banking and Financial Services" is designed to help students master establ..

N4,862.50 Ex Tax: N4,862.50

Basics of Banking


N562.50 Ex Tax: N562.50

Financial Control in the Nigerian Public Service


N2,700.00 Ex Tax: N2,700.00

Financial Institutions Management


N6,250.00 Ex Tax: N6,250.00

International Banking and Financial Systems


N31,250.00 Ex Tax: N31,250.00

Investments and Portfoilo Management

Presents the theme that security markets are nearly efficient, meaning that..

N11,250.00 Ex Tax: N11,250.00

Invitation to Economics


N7,332.81 Ex Tax: N7,332.81

Mutual Funds Products and Services

Mutual Funds Products And Services is a book that looks into the basic stra..

N1,187.50 Ex Tax: N1,187.50

Self-Help Groups and Micro-Credit Institutions


N2,250.00 Ex Tax: N2,250.00

Value Investing for Dummies


N3,412.50 Ex Tax: N3,412.50

Elements of Cost and Management Accounting


N2,650.00 Ex Tax: N2,650.00

International Banking and Financial Systems


N27,800.00 Ex Tax: N27,800.00

Retail Management


N2,200.00 Ex Tax: N2,200.00

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