Applied Agricultural Entomology


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The Present book entitled AQUACULTURE comprises 21 articles pertaining to t..

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Dairy Farming


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Dairying and Rural Development


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Ency of Food Analysis - 3 Volumes


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Entomology Ecology & Biodiversity


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Fish Biology


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Foundations of Parasitology

This textbook is designed especially for the upper-division courses in gene..

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Fruit and Vegetable Preservation Techniques


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Grow Your Own Vegetables


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Handbook of Practical Nematology


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Handbook of Seed Science and Technology


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Indira Agriculture Competition Explorer


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Insect Neuroedocrines


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Insect, Mite and Vertebrate Pests and their Management in Ho
Integrated Nematode Management in Horticultural Crops
Integrated Pest and Disease Management


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•A detailed yet accessible introduction to one of the world s fastest growi..

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Natural Resources Conservation Management and Health Care
Organic Seed : Traditional Varieties and Technologies

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