A Practical Approach to Adv.Financial Accounting


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Accounting for Decision Making and Control

This book demonstrates that managerial accounting is an integral part o..

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Accounting for Decision Making and Control

This book provides students and managers with an understanding appreciati..

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Accounting for Management

Exclusive and in depth coverage of course prescribed for MBA and MCA course..

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Accounting Information System


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Accounting Standards and Corporate Accounting Practices

Business, Investing and Management ..

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Basic Accounting

Basic Accounting is a concise text that explores the double entry system in..

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Book Keeping The Right Way

New edition of this book aimed at the self-employed, 'small business' man o..

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Business Accounting - Volume 1

The world's best-selling textbook on book-keeping and accounting, Business ..

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Business Accounting - Volume 2

The 12th edition is updated to be fully compliant with International Financ..

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Certified Credit Research Analyst ( Level 1 )

Educational and Professional..

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Certified Credit Research Analyst ( Level 2 )

Educational and Professional, Entrance Exams Preparation, Finance, JAIIB ..

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Corporate Financial Reporting: Theory Practice & Cases

Comprehensive, updated and balanced coverage to help the students understan..

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Cost & Management Accounting Text and Cases

A Comprehensive and Authentic Text Book on Cost and Management Accounting f..

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Cost Accounting & Financial Management (CMA Intermediate)

Educational and Professional..

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Cost Management


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Credit Cards - Know your Banking

Awesome explanation, 1st book on credit card. Very well explained. All the ..

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Derivatives & Risk Management


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Dictionary for Chartered Accountant/Company Secretaries/
Elements of Cost and Management Accounting


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